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Help and advice if your pet suffers from cat flu, cat colds or other ailments

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White cat with cat disease

disease, cardiomyopathy, kidney disease, cat flu, mastitis, mammary tumors, protozoan diarrhea, pyoderma, pyometra, rabies, ringworm, toxoplasmosis, Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (feline aids), dental disease, feline distemper, panleucopaenia, Feline Infectious Peritonitis, diabetes, Feline Urologic Syndrome and heartworm disease, chlamydia and leukaemia.

You’ll find plenty of information on this site about many of these diseases and advice on remedies, medication and treatments available.

Thankfully most cats will live healthy and happy lives but owners should always be prepared to act quickly if they suspect any kind of disease.

Of course bills for treatment, medication

and surgery can be an extremely costly, so having an adequate pet health insurance policy is the best way to meet the bills.

Cats are creatures of habit who follow regular patterns for eating, resting and sleeping, so spotting a change in their habits can sometimes be the quickest way to identify an illness or disease.

It can be an extremely distressing and worrying time when you discover you cat or kitten is suffering from a disease, but it’s important to remember that the majority of diseases can be cured with the right treatment and fewer than you might think are terminal.

Some diseases have no cure but that doesn’t mean your cat cannot continue to have a decent quality of life. Examples include kidney failure and diabetes. In both cases getting the proper treatment and support from your vet will enable your pet to deal with the difficulties the disease presents.

Cats bring joy and happiness to millions of owners - so it’s natural we should seek the best care and attention available when they are afflicted by illness or disease.

There are countless diseases which cats and kittens are susceptible to, but thankfully many of them can be cured with prompt and proper treatment.

Many health issues are discussed on this site for information purposes but naturally your veterinarian should be your first port of call if you think you can or kitten is suffering from a disease.

The sooner you seek a diagnosis for the problem, the sooner you can have your sick cat on the road to recovery.

Among the many diseases which cats can go down with are bowel disease, allergic dermititis, anal gland disease, cat scratch