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Help and advice if your pet suffers from cat flu, cat colds or other ailments

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Watching your cat or kitten suffer from flu is a stressful and unpleasant experience.

There’s nothing worse than seeing your beloved pet enduring the symptoms of nasty flu symptoms while you look on helplessly.

The most obvious signs of the condition are a runny nose, respiratory difficulties, sneezing and swollen and runny eyes.

Your cat will seem thoroughly sick and miserable, lacking in energy and not eating, playing and exploring as normal.

Humans cannot catch flu from their cats so there’s no risk of you becoming ill too when your pet has flu or a cat cold.

It’s also worth noting that cats and kittens cannot catch colds or flu from their owners.

Two feline viruses cause most cases of flu and the condition will normally last for seven to 10 days. Some cats are infected as kittens and the virus stays with them and flares up throughout their lives.

But thankfully there are plenty of feline flu vaccines, medications and treatments available which will get your cat fit and healthy again as quickly as possible including some popular products here.

It’s simply a case of learning a bit about the subject and taking the right course of action.

Vets often recommend antibiotics for the problem - but sometimes this is the wrong course of action since feline flu is a virus and antibiotics can often prove ineffective cures or remedies.

They’ve even been known to aggravate the condition with reactions to antibiotics causing new problems ike diarrhea, vomiting and even liver disease.

Just like their owners, cats and kittens can suffer from a wide range of health problems including cat colds, distemper, cat sneezing, vomiting, leptospirosis, stomach flu, cat diarrhea, eye infections, fleas, leukemia, diarrhea, kidney failure, ear mites, mange, hair loss and dandruff.

Feline flu can be really nasty, even fatal in kittens, and your pet needs all the care and attention you can give to it. You cat may be weary and lethargic and lie for hours in its cat bed.

It is usually caused by one of two viruses - feline herpes or FHV-1 (which is also known as feline viral rhinotracheitis or FVR) and feline calici virus (FCV).

When they are infected cats will start to shed virus particles by way of saliva and eye and nasal discharges. Healthy cats can carry the virus and infect other cats by shedding these virus particles.

The virus can be spread easily via infected toys or food bowls and even on the clothes of those who have come into contact with an infected cat.

Attentive nursing of an infected cat is crucial because some of the symptoms - such as mouth ulcers or a blocked nose - can prevent drinking or eating, often leading to dehydration.

This site won’t have the answers to all your questions but hopefully if you browse around you’ll find help and advice on many areas of concern about your favourite feline - not just the dreaded cat flu causes, symptoms, treatment and cure. And there’s also plenty of discussion about general cat health matters including cat litter, grooming, urine problems, feeding and diet, vomiting, spraying, allergies and behaviour, as well as information about common cat diseases and illnesses.

There’s also an opportunity for you to share any tips or advice you have about pet health matters with other cat owners, and you can find a wide range of cat and kitten books and health products in our site Cat Store.

Information contained on is for reference only and is not intended to provide professional diagnosis or consultation. You should seek proper veterinary advice or treatment when your cat or kitten becomes ill.

Cat Flu symptoms and treatment

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