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Help and advice if your pet suffers from cat flu, cat colds or other ailments

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FCV PROTECT Relieves cat flu symptoms in cats and kittens

    RESPO-K Improves your cat or kitten’s respiratory health

Cat Flu medication CAT FLU

    ENISYL F Combats sneezing and Feline Herpes Virus symptoms

Finding the right product for sale for combating feline flu and cat colds is not easy.

There are dozens of so-called remedies and wonder cures available and every merchant will tell you their product is the only one worth buying.

However, there are a few medications available which have proved highly effective in helping cats fight back against the nasty symptoms of cat flu and colds which include sneezing, runny nose, watering or swollen eyes and breathing difficulties.


You can now also buy do-it-yourself vaccination kits aimed at protecting your cat or kitten from many of the viruses associated with flu and colds. A range of kits are available for protection against cat flu viruses including FCV, and some of them additionally protect your pet from other diseases such as leukaemia and distemper. If you're interested in vaccinating your own pet at home and saving yourself a trip to the vet it may be worth considering buying a home vaccination kit.

FCV PROTECT This alternative vaccine has received glowing reviews from many cat owners for relieving cat flu symptoms including sneezing, fever, weepy eyes and nasal congestion.

It should be administered at the first sign of cat flu or cat cold symptoms and consists of dissolvable granules. It can be used as a preventative measure and in cases of acute cat flu improvement should be noticed within 5-10 doses. It’s also safe for newborn kittens and pregnant queens.

Cat flu protect remedy

I found this product and even my vet thought it was great - Linda

Just wonderful. I am a cat lover and constantly adopt new kittens and strays. First thing I do when I get a new addition is open my medicine cabinet and reach for this stuff - Sheree

RESPO-K  This natural respiratory tonic will keep your cat or kitten’s nose, lungs and throat healthy and clear.

Tablets (125 in bottle) can be taken whole or crushed and placed on your pet’s tongue and results can normally be seen within one or two days.

Respo-K is 100% natural and safe and many cat owners have been impressed with its positive effect on the immune and respiratory systems.

Cat respiratatory health tonic

“I used Respo-K remedy for my kitten… and by Wednesday she was her old self again… I am really relieved and grateful. Thank you!” - Tertia

Of course, if your cat or kitten is suffering from full-blown cat flu or its condition seems serious you should contact your vet as soon as possible.


ENISYL F  This popular paste is used for treatment of Feline Herpes Virus (FHV-1).

It an L-Lysine supplement that is designed to help relieve common symptoms of feline herpes virus type-1 (FHV-1), such as sneezing and chronic conjunctivitis, in cats and kittens.

“I bought this for my cat after my vet diagnosed her sneezing and runny eyes as feline herpes. She doesn't sneeze any more and rarely has a runny eye”- Harlequin

ENISYL-F at AMAZON UK     . Enisyl F for cat flu